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>> Forumindex >> Scripting >> Cross site scripting attack at vanguard

 Cross site scripting attack at vanguard
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Today my Firefox browser version 57.0 updated my NoScript extension to version 10.1.1. When I logged on to Vanguard.com I saw warning messages about potential cross site scripting attacks from ******.fls.doubleclick.net to adservice.google.com. I simply clicked on the 'block' decision and continued my activities.When I performed a fund exchange I noticed the warning popup box contained the details of my transaction: account ID, fund name, city name, zip code, target bank, etc. This is potentially everything required for account hijacking. Luckily NoScript blocked it for me.I performed a nslookup on advervice.google.com, and it is in fact the same as pagead46.l.doubleclick.net. That also looked deceptive.I concluded that there is either a security issue at vanguard's web site, or I was infected with a browser based malware.My browser plugins include "Widevine Content Decryption Module provided by Google Inc.", and "OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc."any idea.?

Please help.

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>> Forumindex >> Scripting >> Cross site scripting attack at vanguard

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