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>> Forumindex >> Veröffentlichung / Betatesting >> [Issue+Workaround] PDF export crash (OOo 3 beta)

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I'm trying to export an OOo drawing as a PDF, but OOo crashes immediately. This is consistent with different files: they are all single page documents with a pie chart pasted in from calc.What can I do to try and get a PDF output of my charts?I'm using OOo 3 beta on OS X 10.4.11BTW I can open the files in 2.4.1 on Linux and export successfully, but the pie chart's labels have been moved around.

please help

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changed at 26.03.2018 07:50 from kevinmanuel
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>> Forumindex >> Veröffentlichung / Betatesting >> [Issue+Workaround] PDF export crash (OOo 3 beta)

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