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>> Forumindex >> Unreal Engine 4 Editor / UT4 allgemein >> How to import Maya files unto Unreal Engine 4

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Hey guys.

I searched on the web and found nothing about the importing of assets from Maya (2014) to UE 4. Can someone tell me in simple words how can I do that?

PS: I don't even know what is the right extension;
PS²: The Mesh that I want to export is static. Its not a character or something like that.
PS³: If the importing process is complex, can someone guide me how to reach the final result that I expect? I mean, if is not just "press here and there", please, at least try to enlighten me.

Thanks in advance.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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>> Forumindex >> Unreal Engine 4 Editor / UT4 allgemein >> How to import Maya files unto Unreal Engine 4

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