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 RE: RoninUnrealFX - Kanadas #1 Internationaler Unreal/UT Clan  #333
created: 17.8.2010 19:25
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Good news everyone! grinsen RoninUnrealFX has a brand-spanking new UT server (designated at RUFX UT Server # 2 ^ ^ ) that is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. sehr glücklich Also, we have not forgotten about the UT2004 server...for the past 3 days I was (and still am!) uploading close to 15 GB of custom content for UT2004, that was delayed by 1 and a half months (due to rl issues ^ ^), but no worries, the UT2004 server *WILL* be on before Saturday, August 21, 2010! grinsen Also, 2 Unreal 1 servers are being planned (one strictly for Co-Op, the other strictly for DeathMatch/DarkMatch/CTF/Domination ^ ^). Both servers *WILL* require the 227g patch, so be prepared!smile However, that might not come for another 2-6 months time (maybe sooner, but I 3/4 doubt it ^ ^ ), so don't get too anxious for them... ^ ^ Also, a U2XMP server is also in the works, as well as a UT2003 server! The 2 UT3 servers will come most likely sometime during 2011. ^ ^

So yeah, RoninUnrealFX plans to have a grand total of *10* servers for the Unreal/UT community, and about 5-10 other servers for the other supported non-Unreal games! (NOTE: the Unreal/UT scene is out *BIGGEST* time consuming games in the clan, composing roughly 75% of our time... ^ ^ )

Thanks again everyone...hope to see you on the RUFX servers one day! grinsen

Best Regards,
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