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 RE: RoninUnrealFX - Kanadas #1 Internationaler Unreal/UT Clan  #330
created: 11.8.2010 0:55
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Good News: LOTS of up-to-date and very important news involving RoninUnrealFX needs to be told, so here I (finally) go! grinsen

1) [~]RUFX[~]RaianTheFallen has been upgraded from Administrator status to CEO status! grinsen grinsen What does this mean? Well, essentially him and I now run the clan *together*. I'm sure that RUFX will do *MUCH* better now that two people are running it (rather than myself previously... ^ ^ ) With this said, RoninUnrealFX will continue running *EXACTLY* the way it was from before (from the days where I used to run it solely by myself ^ ^ ), but in the future (perhaps 1-3 months time), expect some improvements to come out! sehr glücklich Also, because of RaianTheFallen becoming a CEO, 50% of the work has been set to him, the other half will be continues to be run by myself. For now, RaianTheFallen will run virtually *ALL* the small stuff, until he feels more comfortable running what he really prefers to run/control.smile ^ ^

2) RoninUnrealFX now supports GameTracker and Steam, we have our own clan page on these sites (with Xfire being the default/main one stillsmile grinsen )! ^ ^ Me and Raian figured that this would add some publicity for RoninUnrealFX, expanding into these 2 very popular sites. sehr glücklich Him and I have a good feeling about the membership getting a slight increase within 3-6 months time (maybe a year if we're unlucky ^ ^ ).zwinker grinsen

3) *BOTH* the UT and UT2004 servers that I currently host for RUFX *WILL* have a redirect put in around the 20th of August. Also, the UT2004 server will be 100% definitely online on or before September 1th, 2010. My greatest apologies for the UT2004 server delay (and the UT server delay as well!) verlegen traurig

4) Victor Delacroix is now a member of RoninUnrealFX (as of July 18, 2010)! Congratulations for choosing RUFX as your main/default Unreal/UT clan! sehr glücklich We hope you feel comfortable being in our clan!smile

5) We now have a Wiki! grinsen With that said, an improved Downloads section and a (modified) Pastebin v2.0 will be coming within the next 3-6 months! sehr glücklich Why install a copy of Pastebin on our website? well, for 2 reasons: security, and it'll be modified so only RoninUnrealFX members may post their snippets and code and what not within the Pastebin.smile Also, thanks to the (new) owners of Pastebin, they will be making a "specialized" version for our clan to have a "hierarchy" implemented and an administrator panel, plus other cool features that won't be in the regular Pastebin code posted on their website! grinsen Cheers Pastebin devs! grinsen

6) The forums have been updated from MyBB 1.4.13 to MyBB! sehr glücklich Around 40 new features have been implemented with the v1.6.x series, and a shit-load of bug fixes as well!smile Come check it out one day...everyone is welcome, whether you're in RUFX or not! sehr glücklich

Thanks everyone for reading/listening. Take care! smile

Best Regards,
changed at 11.08.2010 00:58 from [~]RUFX[~]RoninMastaFX
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